Would You Rather? Book Tag

Would You Rather? Book Tag

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be participating in the Would You Rather? Book Tag, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Thank you to The Bookish Mutant for tagging me in this, I’m super excited!


  • Thank the nominator.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  • Make your own questions.
  • Tag others to join in on the fun!


1. Would you rather change the cover of a book or change its synopsis?

I’d change the cover of the book! I don’t care that much about the synopsis most of the time, I like to read books without much prior information, but a good book cover could totally draw me in!

2. Would you rather only read books by your favourite author, or be able to read books by any author, but only one per author?

I’d read books by any author! I read quickly enough that I need a range in books, even if it was my favourite author there’s only so many times you can reread something y’know? At least with the second option I’d be able to read lots of types of books, even if I’d have to stick to standalones.

3. Would you rather live in a sci-fi novel or a fantasy novel?

Although I generally prefer fantasy, I think I’d rather live in a sci-fi novel. I’m a lazy human and I want the cool high-tech stuff, plus I love the idea of space travel and aliens! Unless it’s urban fantasy, that might change things…

Spaceship flying over Earth

4. Would you rather have dragons in our world, or know of the existence of a Fae realm?

This is such a difficult question! I’ve always loved dragons, but the Fae my favourite things to read about. I think I’ll have to go with Fae realms because there’s a lot of creatures there, who’s to say Fae dragons don’t exist?

Fairy Dragon

5. Would you rather be in a love triangle or be the Chosen One?

Being the chosen one would require me to do things and have responsibilities. As much as I’d like to be important I’d go with love triangle because that seems like less effort.

6. Would you rather have all book titles be three words or only one word?

I’ll have to go with three words because there’s a lot more you can do with that! One word books are fun but I tend to be drawn to longer titles.

7. Would you rather have your favourite book be adapted into a film or adapted into a graphic novel?

Both would be great! A film would suit me more; I like graphic novels but I don’t read them that much. A film would also mean I can watch it with my friends and force them into liking my interests.

8. Would you rather add a book to your favourite series, or subtract a book from it?

My favourite series that I’ve actually finished at the moment is The Folk of The Air. I think it works amazingly as a trilogy and I wouldn’t want to take anything away. I’d have to add a book!

9. Would you rather lose a copy of a book altogether or have it ruined/stained in some way?

I’m not sure about this one! Ruining books always makes me sad, but losing it would also be frustrating. I think I’d rather have it be ruined because I could decide to buy a new one, rather than not knowing what happened and continuing to search.

A damaged book

10. Would you rather change the plot or the characters of your favourite book?

I love the plot and characters of my favourite book (A Memory Called Empire), but if I have to choose I think it’d be the plot. Technically I could change something tiny that doesn’t impact anything, or just treat it like a coffee shop AU with my faves.

My Questions (For the people tagged!)

  1. Would you rather be a published author or a professional book reviewer?
  2. Would you rather only be able to read series, or only be able to read stand alones?
  3. Would you rather a books ending be spoiled or you never get to know the ending?
  4. Would you rather your favourite book be turned into a movie or a TV show?
  5. Would you rather be friends with your favourite character or your favourite author?
  6. Would you rather read a book with no chapters or one where each chapter was only a page?
  7. Would you rather only be able to shop for books online or only in bookshops?
  8. Would you rather never be able to read YA again or never be able to read Adult again?
  9. Would you rather every book you read be set on Earth, or every book you read be set elsewhere?
  10. Would you rather only be allowed to read in libraries or only be allowed to read outside?

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10 thoughts on “Would You Rather? Book Tag

  1. thank you so much for tagging me!!!!

    & after reading your post I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of adding a book to my favorite series (the foxhole court)!!!!

    I’m so in love with the characters, I’d love to have like an “epilogue” book where we get to see everyone a few years later or even right after the third book, dealing with one more problem FOR MY SAKE :’) we don’t have enough series with 4 books lskdjf

    I’m going to cry just thinking about it lol!!!

    amazing post ❤ i'm so excited to answer the questions you made ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yes an epilogue to favourite books would be amazing!! I was thinking that I’d rather the story not be dragged out but I’d absolutely love to see my favourite characters again 💕 You’ve made me wanna pick up the foxhole court now! I’m so excited to see your answers!!

      Liked by 1 person

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