Welcome to my blog, I’m Bertie! This is a page where you can learn a little bit more about me if you feel so inclined.

So the very basics: I’m 23, from the UK, I’m bisexual, non-binary (they/them pronouns please!) and disabled. That’s one of the reasons you’ll find a lot of books with good representation around my blog; diversity is a big yes please in my life.

I mostly read Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (both YA and Adult) and the more representation it has the better. I also have a soft spot for Adult Romance.

I finished my undergraduate in Political Science in summer 2020 which left me floating around aimlessly in a pandemic. All strange things come with a good side, it’s given me a lot of time to cultivate my reading hobby which I didn’t use to have a lot of time for!

I’m now studying a Research Postgraduate in Sexuality and Gender Studies. My research mostly focuses on ideas surrounding a climate changed world, trying to reconcile radical hope alongside a realistic view of the harm caused. I’m also working in marketing for a charity run by disabled people.

I spent a lot of time reading as a teenager, but life got busy, and it was one of the hobbies that got pushed aside. Now I’m reading more than ever, and I’m so happy to see how much more diverse books are becoming.

Other than that, I have a hamster called Pancetta, a plant collection that likes to teeter on the edge of living and dead, and a love for all things round. I hope you like your stay on my blog, and feel free to contact me!