Contact & Review Policy

You can follow me on social media through Twitter, Instagram, and GoodReads for other updates and ways to connect.

If you are looking to reach out regarding my blog and/or social media, this includes book review requests, please contact me through my email:

Review Policy

I only read Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror in the age ranges YA to Adult (this includes all subgenres of these categories e.g. fantasy romance). I won’t respond to requests outside of these genres.

I am an OwnVoices reviewer for stories with characters who are bisexual, sapphic, achillean, trans, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, disabled, autistic, have depression, anxiety, dyspraxia, and/or a musculoskeletal disorder.

When contacting me please provide this information:

  • What your book is about
  • When your book releases (or released)
  • A time frame for when you would like a review
  • Any other relevant information (genre, diversity, etc.)
  • If I follow you on Twitter or Instagram, have added your book to Goodreads, or someone I know sent you my way, please mention this!

I will not respond to reviews that don’t include the above. Bonus points if you refer to me by my name.

My reviews are my honest opinion about a book. I reserve the right to post a negative review, or not post at all, if I did not enjoy it.

I will respond to your request if interested.