Contact & Review Policy

You can follow me on social media through Twitter, Instagram, and GoodReads for other updates and ways to connect.

If you are looking to reach out regarding my blog and/or social media, this includes book review requests, please contact me through my email:

Review Policy

I’m currently not accepting review requests as my current workload is quite high and I’m focusing on books I have prior knowledge of.

There are a few exceptions, feel free to reach out if:

  • I have reviewed a book by you before
  • I have added your book to a TBR on Goodreads or elsewhere
  • I have commented or otherwise verbally responded to a social media post about your book
  • I have reached out to you in the past
  • You are an indie press that I follow, have worked with previously, or have liked, commented, or shared a post of on any social media
  • You are a trad publisher that I’ve worked with by accepting or applying for previous arcs or you’re asking about an author I have showed interest in in the past