Contact & Review Policy

You can follow me on social media through Twitter, Instagram, and GoodReads for other updates and ways to connect.

If you are looking to reach out regarding my blog and/or social media, this includes book review requests, please contact me through my email:

Info for Review Requests

Please note I have a full schedule until August. I won’t be able to take requests that require a review before then. I am sometimes too busy to accept review requests as much as I try to be open to them.

The only exception is if I’ve expressed interest in your book through Goodreads, Twitter, etc. Please do feel free to get in contact with me if that applies to you.

Regardless of if I can review your book, if it’s an upcoming release feel free to let me know and I’ll add it to the New Releases post I make each month. That way I can still be helpful in promoting your work.

I read Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror in the age ranges YA to Adult. Please do not ask me to review outside of these categories.

I am an OwnVoices reviewer for stories that have characters that are bisexual, sapphic, trans, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, disabled, autistic, have depression, anxiety, dyspraxia, and/or a musculoskeletal disorder.

I also am more likely to read a book if it has diverse representation. If this is relevant to your book please let me know so I know to prioritise it.

I am also more likely to read a book if you can offer me a physical copy. I’m happy to read eARCs or audiobooks, but for photographing purposes physical copies look better.

My book reviews are my honest impression of the book. I reserve the right to share a negative opinion of your book if I did not enjoy it. I also reserve the right not to post a review if I didn’t enjoy it. I generally like to keep my blog a positive place.

I need at least a month’s notice to review a book, the more time the better.

If you get in contact with me for a book review request please provide the following information:

  • A summary of the book
  • The release date of the book
  • A time-frame for when you would like a review to be released
  • Any extra info that would add interest (genre, diversity, etc.)

I will respond to your request if interested.