Review: The Thousand Eyes by A.K. Larkwood

The Thousand Eyes Review

Today I’m taking part in a blog tour for The Thousand Eyes with Black Crow PR and Tor! Come find out my thoughts on this fantastic read!

With unhinged gods, daring time skips, and the best loveable idiots you’ll ever read about, The Thousand Eyes is a brilliant end to this truly unforgettable series.

Csorwe, Shuthmili, and Tal work together in a struggling mercenary trio two years after leaving their old benefactor, the charismatic wizard Bethandros Sethennai. Of course, the trio can’t stay out of trouble for long as Shuthmili’s goddess whispers in her head, Sethannai goes missing, catastrophe strikes the city, and the God-Empress Irksavaal, killer of worlds, decides she wants to make a comeback.

This book was a blast; it has everything you could ever want. A sword-wielding orc sapphic, her devoted mage girlfriend with an evil god whispering in her head, a loveable disaster gay, weird gods, and a badass nonbinary teenager? Check. The characters in The Thousand Eyes are excellent; you can’t help but fall in love with them. Not to mention the fantastic worldbuilding that combines sci-fi and fantasy. Portals, gods, dead worlds, strange magic, ancient civilisations – A.K. Larkwood masterfully builds a unique world packed with exciting elements. Not to mention the ballsy narrative choices that are both shocking and exciting. No spoilers here, but A.K. Larkwood really did that?! Y’know those books that are difficult to review because you just want to scream and shove it into people’s hands? This is one of those. I need people to read this because I need to shout about it with someone who understands, so if you love top tier, weird fantasy here’s your sign to pick this up.

Thanks to Black Crow PR and Tor for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Author Information

A. K. Larkwood studied English at St John’s College, Cambridge. She has worked in media relations, higher education and law. She lives in Oxford, England, with her wife and a cat. Her debut novel, The Unspoken Name, was published by Tor Books in 2020, and will be followed in 2022 by The Thousand Eyes. She was nominated for the 2020 Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

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