Queer Superheroes Saving The World // Weapon UwU

Weapon UwU Review

I’m so excited to be reviewing Weapon UwU Vol 1 today! This book is an offshoot of the Cute Mutant series, which I talk about all the time. The found family vibes and character dynamics of this book are truly excellent, and I’d recommend it regardless of if you’ve read the original series.

Weapon UwU by SJ Whitby

Weapon UwU – who’d expect us to be a team of deadly mutant assassins with a name like that?

The Team:
– a trans boy ready for his glow-up into a leading man
– an undead sweetheart with a bellyful of acid
– a furious firebreathing girl
– a hive mind of very polite spiders
– an over-it aroace woman who knows how scared you are of her
– a group of increasingly unhinged clones

The Misson:
To cross into a parallel universe and kill a mutant as powerful as a god, then clean up any mess

The Complications:
Okay so yikes this has spiralled out of control and now there may be some other terrifying new threats to deal with! We’re on it though, I promise. Weapon UwU!


Weapon UwU is an odd team of deadly mutants whose goal is to cross into a parallel universe and kill a god. Only, things don’t go according to plan, and his children wake up in the real world, angry and ready to destroy things. Time for Weapon UwU to clear up this mess!

SJ Whitby is so talented at writing fun, relatable, messy characters that you can’t help but fall in love with! The characters are side characters of the Cute Mutants series, and it was so lovely to be able to spend more time with them. These heroes aren’t as closely knit as the original group, and they have their bumps and disagreements along the way. I loved seeing them work together and build up that found family vibe that I adore.

Speaking of interesting character dynamics, Weapon UwU has a love triangle that I actually enjoyed! It ended exactly how I wanted it to, and although it was a painful mess, it was also so adorable. I don’t want to spoil things, but it touches on how there are different forms of love, and sometimes it’s okay for people not to give you everything you want out of a relationship. I love how this book has diverse characters but also diverse relationship dynamics!

This book feels like it has an episodic plot, where the team find themselves in various situations and have to complete a boss fight before moving on. It was unexpected at first, but it helped keep up a fast-paced and interesting dynamic. The different scenarios and villains were all so unique and fun to read about; it’s impossible to get bored in this book.

Overall, Weapon UwU was another fantastic book from SJ Whitby! With messy, lovable characters and a fun, totally bingeable plotline, you need to pick this one up if queer superheroes sound like your thing!

CW: murder, blood, death, gore, cannibalism, spiders/insects, drowning, vomit, mind control, mention of non-consensual medical experiment

(Thanks to the author for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review)

Author Information

SJ Whitby lives in New Zealand with their partner, as well as various children and animals. They are predictably obsessed with X-Men and spend too much of their free time writing.

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Weapon UwU released earlier this week so there’s never been a better time to pick this book up!

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I’d recommend checking out your local indie bookshop! If you’re in the UK you can use Hive.co.uk!

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