You Need To Read This Series // Cute Mutants Vol 4: The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants

Cute Mutants Vol 4: The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants - You Need To Read This Series

The Cute Mutants are back and this time with even more chaos! Introducing a series with quirky fast-paced writing, increasingly dark themes, and a cast of character’s that you’ll fall in love with and be heartbroken over. I love these books and if you enjoy superhero stories and you haven’t picked this one up yet, you need to do it as soon as you can! Vol 4 features a tank that fights fascists, world-changing reveals, and even more mutants!

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“Then understand this. I want to shoulder that burden for others. I want Quietus to break against me, to shatter. When I killed Abigail Tanner, I knew it would make me a target. I want that. It was on purpose. I’m not some reckless teenager who knows nothing. I’m a reckless teenager who knows exactly what I’m doing.”

We’ve finally found a safe place for mutants, but it may not stay that way for long. There’s no shortage of battles to fight, and I’m itching to take the war to our enemies, even if not everyone agrees. Eli Crane has a lot of money, guns, and hate-and he’s only the first name on my list.

Because Crane’s not our only problem: a terrifying mystery lies in our past waiting to be unveiled, and we’ve got a dark vision of the future swinging at us like a fist. A lot of people are gunning for mutants, and we have to keep ahead of all of them. We’re not schoolkids anymore. We’ll have to be revolutionaries, politicians, and criminals to make it through. Surviving the experience isn’t guaranteed.


Cute Mutants Vol 4 is a vibrant, fast-paced story that’s incredibly difficult to put down and leaves you desperately wanting more. I can’t even explain how much fun this series is. Starting with a typical mutant teenagers storyline, it’s now developing into something much darker. Our heroes morality is put to the test as shady organisations fight for control over them; even their allies seem to have hidden motivations. Cute Mutants has all the vivid action of a comic book and tackles hard-hitting issues with its loveable, found family cast.

If you love character-focused books, this one is for you. Even more characters are introduced in this instalment, which means even more new faves! I have a terrible memory for characters, but they’re so compelling and unique in this series that I never get confused about who’s who. The Cute Mutants ensemble is so varied and full of life, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Which makes it even worse when SJ Whitby makes them all suffer. I was constantly anxious about their safety and what they’ll have to become to survive. Don’t be fooled by the bright colours this series punches you straight in the heart.

I am so incredibly hyped by all of the plot twists and reveals in Vol 4. I can’t say much because they’re so gigantic and world-changing but know you’re in for a treat. I’d recommend this series to anyone who loves secrets slowly unravelling until you realise nothing is as it seems.

I mentioned earlier that the tone of Cute Mutants is becoming progressively darker. These books tackle increasingly hard topics and difficult issues, and Vol 4 follows that trajectory. SJ Whitby doesn’t hide away from the consequences of living in a world that actively wants to kill you. People want the Cute Mutants for their power, or they want them dead. Neither of those outcomes is an option for the team. The amount of trauma and violence and difficult decisions they have to make is piling up to unfathomable heights, and watching the characters suffer is both devastating and gripping. I just want them all to be safe and happy. Don’t get me wrong though, this series is also absolutely hilarious, and the balance between dark and light is simply perfect.

I can’t wait for the next book; I need more Cute Mutants! I love how SJ Whitby is smashing these books out as quickly as possible, but I still wish I could jump into the future to read the rest now. If superheroes and an entirely queer cast of messy, traumatised teenagers fighting the world sound like your kind of thing, you need to pick up this series. Even better, you’ll be supporting an amazingly talented self-published author.

CW: graphic violence, death, hate crime, discrimination, gore.

(Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

Author Information

SJ Whitby lives in New Zealand with their partner, as well as various children and animals. They are predictably obsessed with X-Men and spend too much of their free time writing.

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  1. Ahhh great review! I totally agree about the amount of characters, it never feels overwhelming and they’re all so well developed that they’re easy to tell apart! I can’t wait for the next book already!

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