Baby It’s Cold Outside Book Tag

Baby It's Cold Outside Book Tag

Another seasonal tag!! This one was created by Erin @ Reading On A Star, and she’s also the one who tagged me in it! Thank you so much for making such a fun original tag!


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Snow Day – What’s your “comfort” book? 

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Is it weird to say The Murderbot Diaries are my comfort books? Probably? These books are fast-paced high-action stories about a security unit that’s named itself Murderbot. They also warm my heart. Murderbot is such an amazing, sarcastic character that I think a lot of people would be able to relate to. I love it in all it’s awkward, tv watching perfection. I’ve been listening to them before I go to bed, so it’s the first thing I think of when I think ‘comfort’.

Snow Angels – What’s a book that you love so much you would want to be buried with it(a little morid, but…)? 

37794149. sy475

It has to be A Memory Called Empire! This is my favourite book! I recently got accepted for the next in the series so expect a review soon! It’s a sci-fi full of political intrigue, empires, rich world building, mystery, disaster bisexuals, and useless sapphics. Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a book.

Warm Socks – What’s a book that makes you feel warm inside?(The fluffiest, cutest romance you’ve ever read?) 

43352954. sx318

I’ve spoken about the cute rom-coms I’ve been reading pretty recently, so I wanted to choose a book I don’t talk enough about! This is How You Lose the Time War is a powerful love story featuring enemies-to-lovers, communicating through letters, and well… a time war. I loved watching the characters as their emotions slowly shifted.

Hot Cocoa – What winter-themed novels have you previously read? 

32768509. sx318

I don’t read many books featuring winter, but this is one of them! Girls Made of Snow and Glass is a Snow White retelling and I loved it! It’s a darker take on the original story focusing on the mother-daughter relationship and the impact manipulative men can have. It’s set in a region that’s always winter, always cold, always difficult. It’s also sapphic!

Sledding – What’s a book with the best plot twists? Who’s an author that always keeps you on your toes? 


The Green Bone Saga in general is full of plot twists, but Jade War absolutely blew me away. I was constantly on edge, constantly worried about what would happen next, in the best kind of way. Fonda Lee is not afraid to tip everything on it’s head and inflict pain on her characters.

Ugly Sweaters – What’s a book with the ugliest cover? 


I’m going to choose The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows. This is the second book in the Feminine Pursuits series that brought us A Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics which is a super popular sapphic historical romance. Unfortunately the sequel is just so ugly. The posing looks so awkward, it’d edited badly into the picture, I mean, why are they slightly glowing?

Movie Marathon – What’s the last book you binge read? 

55991551. sy475

It has to be The Mellification! I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked this up, but I was blown away! I meant to read the first chapter, but ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. It’s about trans vampires! Big recommend this read.

Letter to Santa – What’s a book that’s on your wishlist this year?

45047384. sy475

I’m super excited to get The House In The Cerulean Sea! I’ve wanted to read this book for ages; I’ve heard it’s a very feel-good one! TJ Klune is also one of my friends favourite authors, so I absolutely need to get round to reading his work.

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